Amy Poehler, 46, is an American actress, comedian, director, producer, and writer who became famous as the founder of ‘Upright Citizens Brigade’ (UCB).

Before fame, Amy attended  Boston College and was a member of the comedy troupe, ‘My Mother’s Fleabag.’

She studied at Chicago’s Second City and Improv Olympic in Chicago in the early 1990s and later she went to New York City and became part of the improvisational comedy troupe ‘Upright Citizens Brigade’ in 1996.

The group appeared as sketch regulars on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ and along with other members of the comedy group, Poehler quickly scored a TV gig.

Amy won a Golden Globe Award for her starring role as Leslie Knope on ‘Parks and Recreation’ and after the first season received a mixed reception, the star received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

In addition, Amy is a producer of Comedy Central series ‘Broad City,’ where Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson appeared.

Religion information

The comedian was raised Catholic but she doesn’t seem to be religious these days, as she spoke against restrictions on birth control, mandated by the religion.

No doubt, Amy Poehler has a Catholic background, but it’s tough to say that we can paint a portrait of the model Catholic.

Political views

Amy Poehler is a liberal Democrat.

She had Michelle Obama as a guest on her show ‘Parks and Recreation’ and endorsed Obama in 2012.

The comedian is an activist, who is supportive of gay rights, medical marijuana legalization, Obamacare, and gun control.

Also, Amy is a well-known feminist.

Amy took a shower with John McCain on TV in 2002 while playing in ‘SNL’ skit.

Dating profile

Amy’s first love was Matt Besser, who is one of the famous actors and he is also a comedian.

They were dating during the 1990s.

After that, she had a relationship with Will Arnett, the actor from Canada, and he is an actor and comedian too.

Amy Poehler got married Will Arnett in August of 2003, after a few years of dating.

The couple had two children together and now they are co-parenting them after getting separated in 2012.

After the final divorce in 2014, Amy was officially single and ready for the new relationship.

So, Amy was romantically linked to an actor Nick Kroll and they were rumored about dating from 2013 to 2015.

Also, the comedian was rumored about having an affair with Nick Kroll, but they didn’t confirm their relationship.

Interesting facts

Amy Poehler has a bachelor’s degree in media and communications.

When Poehler was asked what female politicians she would like to play or impersonate, she revealed that she would like to play ‘the sassy ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt.’

Also, one of her strange hobbies include collecting fake food, and she even has a sleeping bag shaped like a slice of pizza.

Amy likes to spend time with her kids, and they enjoy sketching and drawing.

The comedian started a YouTube channel called ‘Smart Girls’ where she inspire girls to be themselves.

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