Ana de Armas is a Cuban actress born on 30th of April 1988. She is popular for her role in the movie, Blade Runner 2049 (2017). She made her entrance into acting in the movie “Una Rosa de Francia (2006)”. She had been featured in the Spanish TV series, El Internado (2007- 2010), which made her popular in Spain.

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She had also been featured in some Spanish films like Madrigal (2007), Anima (2009), and Perrito Chino (2012). She had been featured in films like ‘Knock Knock (2015)’, Exposed (2016), Hands of Stones (2016) and War Dogs (2016) among others.


Ana de Armas was born in Santa Cruz del Norte and was raised in Havana, Cuba.


Ana de Armas is a puppy lover. She also loves playing video games. She loves chatting up with family and friends when off the screen.


She decided becoming an actress at age 12. She attended the National Theatre School of Cuba.

Religion information:

Ana de Armas is a non-religious person. She does not believe in God.

Dating profile:

It appears that Ana de Armas may be single. She was previously married to a Spanish actor, Marc Clotet in 2011. They became divorced in 2013. She had been linked with several famous faces after her divorce. She had also been in a relationship with Edgar Ramirez.

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