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Billie Eilish religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

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Billie Eilish was born on 18th December. She is a songwriter, dancer, model, and a famous singer. Billie’s elder brother had his band at a very young age. Inspired from her musical background she also started singing.Billie first song reached up to the top 15 in Canada and US. She collaborated with Khalid for her song “Lovely.”

Billie Eilish religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

Her debut work gained a high level of praise and moved on to the top of the list in Canada, UK, and Australia. She learned instruments from her father because she came from a singing background.


In 2018 she was nominated for the Fan Face New Artist while in 2019 she at the moment is nominated for the Best New Rock/Alternative artist award. Her songs got the nominations for the Video of the Year, Visual Effectsand so on. Results of all the Awards are still pending. At the moment she is nominated for Artist of the Year, and also Best New Artist.

why became famous

Eilish drew a great sense of praise form the critics for his first album and her music being recognized among the Top 100 Billboard. Due to this reason, she got nominations for several awards.

Religion information

Billie Eilish religion is Christianity. She is from the Scottish and Irish Descent. She holds firm believes in her religious practices.

Political views

She does not share her political and dating profile in public. This makes her somewhat of a mustery girl in the eyes of her fans worldwide.

Dating profile

Billie Eilish does not like to discuss her personal life in public media; however, she is reported to be single.


Even before establishing her career when she was still a kid, she loved music. During her homeschooling in her spare time, she always loved to write songs for herself and sing them. Apart from music she had one more passion named dancing. She loved to be in the homemade plays and also sang for them.

Interesting facts

She released her first album in March 2019. According to sources she is reported to be the youngest person to have a number one rated collection in the United Kingdom. She has been into music right when she was 11 and started writing songs. She received criticism for the fact that she does not smile in her photographs. She positively responded to that and said that smiling makes her feel powerless. She also faces criticism for her eccentric dressing, but it does not matter to her as she revealed in an interview. She also admitted that she was a belieber when she was 12. In January 2018 she also went out on a tour which ended in August

Her song Wish you Were Gay

She is under criticism for her new song wish you were gay. She is a public statement cleared that this does not mean to offend the LGBT community. She did not comment on the gay community for the songs she said it was just a matter of misconception.

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