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In 2022, Bob Saget was an American stand-up comedian, actor, and television host with a net worth of $50 million at the time of his death. He first became well-known as a stand-up comedian in the 1980s, when he was recognized for his raunchy comedy. When he joined the cast of “Full House,” a hit family comedy, he became more family-friendly. Bob had an appearance in every single episode of the show, which totaled 192. From 1989 until 1997, he hosted the television show “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Bob hosted 191 episodes from seasons 1 through 8 of the show. In 208 episodes of the comedy “How I Met Your Mother,” he also provided the narrator’s voice. Bob passed away at the age of 65 on January 9, 2022.

Bob Saget’s rise to fame. 

Born Robert Joseph Saget on December 30, 1952, in Inglewood, California, Bob Saget was the son of Mary (née Holstein) and Joseph Saget. He has one older brother named John Saget. Saget began his career as a stand-up comedian, and his first public performance was as a teenager at the Grove Drive Inn in Inglewood. When he was around 14 years old, he performed a stand-up comedy routine at the Inglewood Forum. He first became a comedian by taking part in an open-mic night at the Inglewood Forum with his brother, John, and their friend. The night was won by John, but Bob got a second chance, which he took advantage of, and won the open-mic competition. According to Saget, the way that he won the contest was by saying that he was going to “make fun of country.” He performed his first stand-up comedy routine at the Inglewood Forum, which was sponsored by the comedy club, The Comedy Channel.

Bob Saget religion information

Saget has openly expressed his faith and became a Roman Catholic in 2000. On July 19, 2012, he hosted the Catholic Mass for Celebrate Mercy at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The event was in support of the Dignity USA and the Rosary Society. The event was recorded for a television show called “Celebrate Mercy.” Bob was the priest and the assistant for the event. Saget has also written a book titled “How I Lost My Faith in Hollywood,” which was published in 2006.

What were Bob Saget’s political views?

Saget supported California Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California in 2008, and the successful Proposition 8 case of Hollingsworth v. Perry was appealed to the US Supreme Court by the plaintiffs. On June 26, 2011, the first same-sex marriage licenses were issued in the state of California. He has been politically active in both California and national politics, campaigning for the Obama administration.

Bob Saget Personal life

Bob Saget married Carol Lavelle in 1975. They had five children together, including twins who are both actresses. Saget has six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. On November 20, 2010, Saget married his longtime partner, Kimberly Hobart. Saget and Hobart’s wedding was held at the Hollyhock House in Malibu, California. Saget’s children, Stephen Jr., and Brittany, served as flower girls at the wedding. Saget is a supporter of the Democratic Party.

Bob Saget Interesting facts

  • Saget served as a bodyguard for John Lennon.
  • Bob Saget and his twin brother Dennis were the only two actors to play twins in an episode of the popular television show “Happy Days.”
  • Saget is the only celebrity to have had a role in the musicals “Grease” & “West Side Story.”
  • Saget was in the 1980s series, “Growing Pains.”
  • In 1975, Saget played the role of “Billy Coe” in the movie “Big” starring Jeff Bridges.
  • Saget played the role of “Bruce” in the 1978 comedy “The Other Side of Midnight.”

Bob Saget life

Bob Lane Saget was an American actor, comedian, and television host. He played Danny Tanner on the hit television show Full House and Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother. While he was a famous stand-up comedian, his most memorable role was as Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother, which earned him an Emmy nomination. Besides his starring roles in television, Saget also acted in several movies and appeared as a guest star on the hit TV series Seinfeld.

Born in Philadelphia, Benjamin Saget had many film and television roles before becoming famous. He appeared in various sitcoms, including ‘Raising Dad,’ where he starred as a supermarket executive. He also played a penguin in ‘Farce of the Penguins’ and appeared in Half Baked, which centered around two sisters’ love affairs. Despite his long career in films, Saget also lent his voice to various comedy shows. Interestingly, he was not an atheist, but he favored Jewish culture and supported many Jewish causes.

During his first Broadway appearance, Saget stepped in for Jonathan Crombie as the “Man in Chair.” In 2008, he appeared in “Hand to God,” which follows a young boy taken over by a satan puppet. During the show’s run, he was replaced by Marc Kudisch. In addition to performing on Broadway, Saget starred on TV, hosting the satirical talk show “Scleroderma Live” on ABC.
Throughout his life, Bob Saget has been a major figure in comedy. His stand-up career saw him starring in ‘Raising Dad’ and ‘Farce of the Penguins, and he played a lead role in ‘Half Baked.’ His podcast “Bob Saget’s Here For You” reveals the true story behind the man who gave us a comic soul.

After several successful seasons on the popular TV show, Saget starred in a recurring role on Netflix’s “Full House” reboot. The comedy show aired five seasons and received rave reviews, but it was considered a “too hot” role for an actor on the show. The series was named after the actress’ character Mary-Kate Olson. The episode lasted for a decade and was also a Grammy winner.
In addition to Full House, Saget starred in several other TV shows. He was best known for his role as a widower on the WB show Raising Dad and was a co-star on the CW series “Entourage.” In the series, he played an English teacher who raised two daughters. After his father’s death, he wrote in his yearbook that he was inspired by his father’s passion for comedy and had been a student of the show’s castmate, Ben.

The comedian is widely known for his work with children and has become involved with the Scleroderma Research Foundation. In the late 1990s, he became involved with Scleroderma after his sister died of the disease. His charity work includes the production of a made-for-TV film called For Hope, which helped raise more than $25 million for research. He has also teamed up with charities such as Homes for Our Troops and the National Parks Foundation.

While Saget was born in Philadelphia, he spent the majority of his childhood in Norfolk, Virginia. He studied at Temple University and won the student Academy Award for his documentary. Then, he took a shot at stand-up comedy and was hired by CBS’ “The Morning Program” in 1981. However, he was fired six months later. After announcing his retirement from the show, his fans were shocked. After the show’s debut, he won the Emmy for the best actor.

As a comedian, Saget has become a household name. His television shows have a huge fan base all over the world, and the actor’s career has exploded in recent years. The most popular of these is his show Full House, which was originally aired on WB and CW. During his tenure there, he has been one of the most successful series hosts on the show. The success of the show has earned him an Oscar.

The television series “Full House” was one of the first to have a female cast. He played the role of a widowed father who was smitten by his teenage daughter. The show also featured a gay couple who had a baby in the same season. The two were married and had a son. The two had three children together. Like their father, they were a great match. The two were very close.

What disease does Bob Saget have?

After his sister Gay died of scleroderma, the Full House star, who died Sunday night at 65, fought for years to help the Scleroderma Research Foundation.
Following the news that renowned comedian Bob Saget had died at the age of 65 on Sunday, many of his friends and family encouraged fans to give to the Scleroderma Research Foundation, a cause important to his heart.

Saget began supporting the non-profit in 1991, and after his sister Gay was diagnosed with the rare autoimmune condition a year later, he became an active advocate.

“Gay Saget, my sister, was a schoolteacher in the Philadelphia area. Her diagnosis of systemic scleroderma came when she was 44 years old “In 2019, he told the NIH Medline Plus Magazine. “She received medication, although it consisted solely of prednisone and cortisone to alleviate her symptoms. Because she required so much assistance, she was forced to relocate to Los Angeles and live with my parents. Only two years later, she passed dead.”
According to the National Institutes of Health, scleroderma is a rare autoimmune connective tissue and rheumatic disease that primarily causes inflammation in the skin but can also cause inflammation in other parts of the body. The disease causes hard, tight patches to form on the skin, which might expand or shrink, and sometimes vanish completely.

Scleroderma only affects the skin in mild cases. According to the National Institutes of Health, severe types of scleroderma, known as systemic scleroderma, spread throughout the body and “may damage your blood vessels and internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys.”

Scleroderma affects each organ differently if it spreads across the body. Scar tissue can form in the lungs, making breathing difficult. Scleroderma in the kidneys can cause high blood pressure and renal failure quickly. Congestive heart failure can be caused by scarring of cardiac tissue. Scleroderma can also cause heartburn, trouble swallowing, bloating, and diarrhea if it reaches the digestive system.

There is no cure for scleroderma; instead, several treatments target the disease’s many symptoms, such as steroid creams for skin inflammation, blood pressure drugs for any lung or kidney problems, immune suppressants, and over-the-counter pain relievers, are available.

Why did Bob Saget replace John Posey?

Posey was never the network’s first option, to put it bluntly. They had hoped to collaborate on the program with either Bob Saget or Paul Reiser, according to industry gossip. According to Pop Sugar, Reiser had already committed to My Two Dads when the Full House pilot was being shot.

Saget, on the other hand, was unable to commit because he was working on a morning program. To make the show a reality, talent agents combed through their contacts to locate someone who suited the bill. Posey was performing in a troupe comedy at the time and was noticed by a casting agent who liked him. He was flown to California to audition for the part, and he was said to be a hit.

Posey, admittedly, had no experience with sitcoms at the time. The show’s syrupy-sweet character didn’t mesh with his expertise, but the team liked him despite. He’d have to suffice till Saget’s schedule became available. After filming the second pilot, it became clear that Saget was a better fit.

In conclusion, a life well-lived is a life worth remembering. Bob Saget had a successful career as a successful comedian and television host. He was loved by many and will be sorely missed.