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If you’re a fan of professional wrestling, you’re likely familiar with the name Brian Kendrick. Born on May 29, 1979, in Fairfax, Virginia, Kendrick has made a name for himself in the industry over the years.

With a career spanning more than two decades, Kendrick has wrestled in numerous promotions, including WWE, TNA, and ROH. Kendrick got his start in wrestling in the late 1990s, training under Shawn Michaels and Rudy Boy Gonzalez.

He made his debut in 1999 and quickly began working his way up the ranks, wrestling for various independent promotions across the United States. Kendrick’s talent and hard work eventually caught the attention of WWE, and in 2003, he made his debut on the company’s main roster.

From there, Kendrick would go on to have a successful career in WWE, becoming a fan favorite and winning multiple championships along the way.

Early Career Beginnings

You’re about to dive into the early career beginnings of Brian Kendrick, a wrestler who fought tooth and nail to make a name for himself in professional wrestling.

Kendrick began his career in the late 90s, wrestling for various independent promotions in his home state of Washington. It wasn’t until he moved to Los Angeles that he began to gain recognition, wrestling for Ultimate Pro Wrestling and becoming one of their top stars.

Kendrick’s determination and hard work paid off when he was signed by the WWE in 2003, joining their developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling. He quickly made a name for himself, teaming up with Paul London and winning the WWE Tag Team Championships in 2006.

Kendrick’s early career was marked by his high-flying moves and his ability to work well with others in tag team matches. It was clear from the start that Kendrick was a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling.

Rise to Prominence in WWE

After years of struggling to make a name for yourself in the wrestling industry, you finally found your footing and rose to prominence in the WWE. It all started when you signed a contract with the company in 2005 and were sent to their developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling.

There, you honed your skills and developed your character, The Brian Kendrick, a cocky and arrogant wrestler who relied on his agility and quickness to defeat opponents. Your hard work paid off when you were called up to the main roster in 2006.

You quickly formed a tag team with Paul London, and together you became one of the most beloved and entertaining duos in WWE history. You won the tag team championships three times, and your matches were always high-flying, fast-paced, and full of excitement.

Here are some other notable moments from your rise to prominence in WWE:

  • You competed in the first-ever Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 21.
  • You had a memorable feud with Jeff Hardy in 2007, which culminated in a ladder match at No Mercy.
  • You participated in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament in 2016, showcasing your skills against a new generation of wrestlers.
  • You continue to be a respected and influential figure in the wrestling industry, mentoring and training younger talent.

Time in TNA and ROH

Since joining TNA and ROH, you’ve likely seen Brian Kendrick continue to showcase his agility and quickness in the ring. He’s known for his high-flying moves and unique style, which have continued to captivate audiences with his electrifying performances.

In TNA, Kendrick aligned himself with the X Division and even held the X Division Championship for a brief period of time. He also competed in the Tag Team division, teaming up with fellow wrestler Homicide.

In ROH, Kendrick has also made a name for himself, competing in various matches and even participating in the annual Survival of the Fittest tournament. He’s faced off against some of the top wrestlers in the industry, including Jay Lethal and Adam Cole.

Fans have praised Kendrick for his innovative and creative moves, as well as his ability to tell a story in the ring. Though he may not have achieved the same level of success as he did in WWE, Kendrick has certainly made an impact in the wrestling world through his time in TNA and ROH.

Championship Wins and Notable Matches

Get ready to witness the impressive championship wins and notable matches of Brian Kendrick in his time outside of WWE.

Kendrick’s success continued outside of WWE as he won the TNA X Division Championship in 2010. He also had a memorable feud with Douglas Williams in TNA, which saw them compete in a series of matches that showcased their technical skills and athleticism.

In ROH, Kendrick had a successful run as part of The Addiction with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. The team won the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship and had notable matches against The Elite and The Kingdom.

Kendrick also had a memorable singles match against Roderick Strong at ROH’s 14th Anniversary Show, which was praised for its intensity and storytelling.

Legacy and Impact on Wrestling Industry

The lasting impact of Brian Kendrick’s career on the wrestling industry is undeniable. His technical prowess and championship wins have served as inspiration for generations of wrestlers to come. Here are some specific ways in which Kendrick’s legacy has left a mark:

  • Innovative Moveset: Kendrick was known for his unique and innovative moves, such as the Sliced Bread #2 and the Kendrick Lock. His ability to incorporate these moves seamlessly into his matches set a new standard for what was possible in the ring.
  • Mentorship: Kendrick has served as a mentor to many up-and-coming wrestlers, including current WWE star Drew Gulak. His willingness to share his knowledge and experience has helped to shape the next generation of talent.
  • Independent Success: In addition to his time in WWE, Kendrick has also had success on the independent wrestling scene. This has helped to show that there’s a thriving world of wrestling outside of the major promotions, and that wrestlers can find success on their own terms.

Overall, Brian Kendrick’s impact on the wrestling industry can’t be overstated. His technical skill, mentorship, and independent success have all helped to shape the industry in important ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brian Kendrick’s real name?

Looking for the real name of Brian Kendrick? Well, you’re in luck!

Brian Kendrick’s real name is Brian David Kendrick. He was born on May 29, 1979, in Fairfax, Virginia.

He began his professional wrestling career in 1999 and has since become a well-known figure in the industry. Throughout his career, Kendrick has competed in various wrestling promotions, including WWE and TNA.

He has won numerous championships and accolades, solidifying his place as one of the top wrestlers in the world.

So, there you have it – Brian Kendrick’s real name is Brian David Kendrick!

How did Kendrick’s training in Japan influence his wrestling style?

If you’re wondering how Japanese training influenced one wrestler’s style, look no further than Brian Kendrick.

Kendrick spent time training in Japan, where he learned a more technical, hard-hitting style of wrestling. This influence can be seen in his matches, where he incorporates moves such as suplexes and submissions.

Additionally, Kendrick’s time in Japan led him to gain a deeper appreciation for the art of wrestling and a more disciplined approach to his craft.

Overall, his time in Japan played a significant role in shaping Kendrick’s style and approach to the sport.

What is Kendrick’s relationship with former tag team partner and fellow wrestler Paul London?

You may be interested to know that Paul London and Brian Kendrick were once a successful tag team in the wrestling world. They won the WWE Tag Team Championship in 2006 and were known for their high-energy, acrobatic style.

However, their partnership eventually came to an end, and rumors circulated about tension between the two. In a 2013 interview, London addressed these rumors and stated that while they may not be as close as they once were, they still have respect for each other and their time as a team.

Despite going their separate ways, both London and Kendrick continue to have successful careers in the wrestling industry.

Has Kendrick ever pursued any other careers outside of wrestling?

Have you ever wondered if Brian Kendrick has pursued any other careers outside of wrestling? Well, the answer is yes.

In addition to being a professional wrestler, Kendrick has also worked as a trainer and a stuntman. He’s taught at wrestling schools such as the Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy and also performed stunts in movies and TV shows, including The Amazing Spider-Man and Fast & Furious 7.

Despite his success in other areas, Kendrick remains dedicated to his wrestling career and continues to compete in promotions such as WWE and Ring of Honor.

What is Kendrick’s opinion on the current state of the wrestling industry and its future?

As a fan of wrestling, you may be curious about the current state and future of the industry. According to Brian Kendrick, a professional wrestler with extensive experience in the industry, the future of wrestling is dependent on its ability to adapt and evolve with the times.

He believes that the industry needs to find a balance between traditional storytelling and modern technology, such as streaming services and social media. Kendrick also emphasizes the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment for all wrestlers, regardless of their background or gender.

Overall, Kendrick is optimistic about the future of wrestling, as long as the industry is willing to embrace change and continue to innovate.


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