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Denzel Washington religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

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Denzel Washington is a director, actor, and producer. He was born on 28th December in New York. He is the second child to his mother, who was a famous beautician. He with an intent to become the journalist, joined Fordham University.

Denzel Washington religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

He got a bit of taste of acting in the university. After his first experience he decided to have a career in Acting. After graduation, he registered himself for acting. His first paid acting stint came in in the stage production. For the first time, he appeared on the big screen in the early ’80s where he was recognized in the field.


Denzel Washington has the art of acting running through his veins right from the start, but earlier he did not know it. Right from the start, Washington has received much praise from the critics. He received great applaud for his fabulous work in biographies. He played a football coach named Herman Boone in the movie Remember the titans, educator, and poet in the film the great debaters. Due to these roles, he was also nominated for the Academy Awards nine times. Among these nine times, he managed to win two times. For Golden Globe Awards out of 10 nominations, he won 3 times. He is also nominated for the Grammy Award, Primetime Emmy Award. In a nutshell, he received 39 awards and was nominated 96 times. It shows the stardom received by him throughout his careers.

How Denzel Washington became famous

He received much praise from the movie of the real-life figure Steve Biko in the movie city freedom. This praise from the critics also brought him in the limelight, and at the same time, his Acting was recognized. Later he went on to film the biographies which got him a unique name. In 2012 he started a career as a director, and as a director to he focused on the movies of the real-life figures.


Even after having such a lustrous life, he also holds very keen religious beliefs. He is a Christian. Some sources also tell that he has become a preacher. Washington, in an interview, also confirms that sometimes he thinks that he is a preacher by birth. He holds a robust set of beliefs for himself.

Political views

He also has his remarks about political situations. In one of his interview, he was seen quoting that it is the Trump’s victory that has saved the US from the establishment of Democrats. He further added that if Democrats have won the election, then they would have never known the usage of the false document to get warrants to spy on US citizens.


One of the favorite pastimes of the Denzel Washington is Boxing, and he spends time on practicing it. It keeps him healthy and fit, and he is in boxing whenever he gets a chance.

Dating Profile

He is married to the actress Paulette Pearson. They got married in 1983 and have four children together.

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