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Eddie Redmayneis religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

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Eddie Redmayneis one of the renowned artists in Hollywood. He was born on 6th January 1982and is an actor and model. He is British by birth. He is the first-generation male to have won Oscar in the field of acting. He got Oscar for the movie The Theory of Everything. He was born to a businessman but, right from the young age, the signs of the love for acting were prominent.

Eddie Redmayneis religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

He went to Eton College and then went on to Trinity College, Cambridge. He studied History and art. Knowing his passion for acting, his parents allowed him to take drama classes at a very young age. He did his first acting appearance on the stage and then right from there he never looked behind. His first professional appearance came in the Globe Theatre where he played for the role of Vola. In 2009 he went in the real limelight and got huge credits for his work. He also won the Best Supporting Actor award for that.


Redmayne, after his first movie, continued to work hard in the film industry. Before starting a career, he also tested his luck in the modeling. In 2015, he was named in the best dressed British men list.

He won numerous awards throughout his career. He was nominated for the Academy Awards twice but managed to win it only once. He also won the BAFTA Award, Golden Globes, Olivier Award, and Tony Awards. So far in his short career, he has been nominated for 95 awards which is quiet impressive. Out of those he won 35 awards.

How he became famous

While performing a side role in his first movie he got the best supporting role award but he drew great praise from the critics when he played Stephen Hawking in the Theory of Everything. He was sohighly praised for that performance that his career struck new heights. He is also famous for numerous notable works.


Eddie does not share a lot about his religious practices. However, there are some of the reports saying that he is an atheist. He has not made any statements refuting these claims which show that he is an atheist. 


Eddie has several hobbies. He is one of the people who hit the gym regularly in the rough schedule. Having a successful career is also due to his fitness routines.

Some surprising facts

Eddie is color blind, and that is the reason some times his girlfriend picks the clothes for him. He is one of the seventeen such persons who has won the academy awards. He is so deeply involved with the role he plays that he lost 15 pounds for the movie the theory of everything. He was voted as the top best dresser in the United Kingdom by a magazine named as GQ.

Dating profile

Eddie Redmayne is married to the Hannah Bagshawe for four years now. Firstly, they dated for one year and then got engaged. After six months of engagement they got married.