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Gerard Butler religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

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Gerard Butler, whose other name is James was born on 13 November 1969. His childhood was in Paisley, Renfrewshire in Scotland. He is an actor, producer, as well as a singer.

Butler was head boy at St Mirin’s & St Margaret’s High School in Paisley and won a place at University of Glasgow School of Law. During his time as a student, he was the President of the university law society. While schooling, he sang in a rock band called Speed.

Gerard Butler religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

While Butler was a 22-year-old student, his father was diagnosed with cancer and died. He would say of this period in his life: “I had gone from a 16-year-old who couldn’t wait to grasp life to a 22-year-old who didn’t care if he died in his sleep”.

Before his final year of law school, Butler took a year off to live in California. After his time off in America, he returned to Scotland to take his final year at law school.

Upon graduation, he took a position as a trainee lawyer at an Edinburgh law firm. However, he continued to stay out late drinking and he frequently missed work because of this. One week before he qualified as a lawyer, he was fired. At the age of 25 and an unqualified lawyer, Butler moved to London to pursue his dream of becoming famous in acting.

Unable to win any acting roles initially, he worked in a variety of jobs including as a waiter, a telemarketer and a demonstrator of how toys work at fairs. Whilst in London, he met an old friend from his teenage days in the Scottish Youth Theatre, who was now a London casting director.

At that time, he was her boyfriend and her assistant. She took him to an audition for Steven Berkoff‘s play of Coriolanus. The director said of Butler’s audition, “When he read, he had such vigor and enthusiasm—so much that it made the other actors seem limp—that I decided to cast him in the ensemble.”

Then aged 27, Butler had his first professional acting job. Less than a year later, he won a part in a theatre adaptation of Trainspotting, which he performed at the Edinburgh Festival. At age 30, Butler decided to move to Los Angeles; there he won parts in Dracula 2000Tomb Raider 2Dear Frankie, and Phantom of the Opera.

Religion Information

Little is known of Gerard’s religion. However, according to verifiable sources, he comes from an Irish Catholic family. This might suggest he holds some Catholic beliefs but it’s uncertain if he is still practicing today. But he rarely talks about his faith.

Political View

He is focused on acting than talking about politics. Since Butler is from Scotland, he isn’t part of the American political system. He has made a comment about the American justice system and compares it with that of Scotland.


Apart from singing, Gerard spends his time skiing, water skiing, horseback riding, and playing football. He played a charity match for Celtic F.C. in 2011. He has supported the club ever since he was a child.

Dating Profile

Butler is said to be dating Morgan Brown. There is so much information about the two spending time together. They have been spotted swimming, shopping and enjoying boat rides together.