Jared Goff

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Jared Thomas Goff is an American football quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL. He was born ( October 14, 1994) and raised in Novato, California but later moved to Marin Country. He attended Marin Catholic High School in California and graduated in 2013.

He holds American Nationality. He was recruited by different colleges programs and received scholarship offers from Biose State, Fresno State, and Washington State. Later he played football at California University. He was the first quarterback in Cal’s History who started a season opener. In 2013 he went to start all 12 games and was In 2016 he was selected by Los Angeles Rams as number one pick in the NFL draft.

Jared Goff Religion:

Not much is known about his religion bus as he attended Cathedral high school so it is assumed that he is Catholic but yet no evidence is found about his religion.

Jared Goff Political Views:

Jared Goff political views are still unknown.

Jared Goff Hobbies:

His hobby is playing football.

Jared Goff Famous Quote:

One of his famous quotes is:
“I want to go to a team that really wants me and can use me to be successful.”

Jared Goff Dating Profile:

Goff has been reported dating swimsuit model girlfriend Christian Harper but he is keeping this secret.
Rumors were swirling about their relationship but none of them spoke about this matter. This was confirmed in March 2019 when they were spotted out together.
However, when they were together in Woodland Hills, California, photographers caught the pair and Jarred Goff could not protest when a photographer called Harper his ‘Girlfriend’.
However, no one knows how long they were together as they kept everything secret. In January reported that they were together and they posted a photo of Harper at Rams game.

Random Facts:

Goff’s father is also a former Baseball player.
In 2016, Goff participated as a guest for the Outdoor Channel’s Gridiron Outdoors, hosted by Mike Pawlawski.
He also has an enzyme deficiency that doesn’t allow his body to break down proteins due to which he is unable to process red meat.
In high school, Goff had always been a star and his teams had always won. His freshman season at Cal served as a hinge. His father, Jerry Goff, always told him that he should expect success and not act surprised when it came. Jerry Goff played professional baseball. He was excelling in his field when he was playing every day. His mind was always focused on the next game.
Goff was also recruited by Fresno State, Stanford and Boise State. In Cal history, he became the first quarterback to start a season opener. For three seasons in Bears, he made 977 passes for 12,195 yards, 96 touchdowns with a rating of 144.0.