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Jennifer Connelly religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

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Jennifer Lynn Connelly is an American movie actress born on 12 December 1970 in Newyork, Cairo. Her mother is an antique dealer and father is a clothing manufacturer. She began her acting career as a child model and actress.

Jennifer Connelly religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

The actress made her debut in a crime film ‘Once upon a time in America.’ Lynn got her first main role in a horror film ‘phenomenon’ in 1985. Later on, worked in films like ‘Labyrinth’ in 1986 in ‘Career Opportunities’ and ‘The Rocketer’ in 1991. Jennifer also worked in a science fiction film ‘Dark City’ in 1998 for which she gained the attention of many critics and applauded by them for her work in it. An epic role played by her in a drama ‘Requiem for a dream’ and has also done a Marvel superhero film ‘Hulk.’

Jennifer Connelly Awards and Achievements

Connelly won many awards like ‘Academy Award’ a ‘Golden Globe Award’ and a ‘Bafta Award’ for a supporting role in ‘A beautiful mind’ and most of all she won Oscars’ for this film. Therefore, Connelly was also chosen as Amnesty International Ambassador for human rights education in 2005. She was the face of ‘Balenciaga fashion advertisement’ and ‘Revlon cosmetics’ as well. Jennifer was the first global face of ‘Shiseido Company.’ Lynn was named to the list of 50 world’s most beautiful women by People’s Magazine in 2002.

Jennifer Connelly Religion

Connelly’s father was a Roman Catholic, and he belongs to an Irish and Norwegian background. Her mother was a Jewish. She attended Saint Ann’s private school of Arts. In addition to it, Connelly often speaks of the phase in her young age when she was searching for the meaning of religion and also tell about her confusion and search for spirituality. Furthermore, she finds a spiritual connection in her family but seems to eschew organized religion. Once she said laughingly ‘She grew up with a ” double dose of guilt” also said that her spirituality lies ambiguously within her family bonds.

Jennifer Connelly Personal Life

Jennifer is married to Paul Bettany. They met on the sets of their film ‘Beautiful Mind.’  While they share some special moments and finds chemistry with each other. Therefore, she has a son Kai Dugan from a photographer David Dugan. Her first child from her husband is a son Stellan Bettany and a daughter Agnes Lark Bettany.

Jennifer Connelly Political Views

Connelly is a Democrat. Furthermore, When asked about politics, she said ‘environmental consciousness is “crucial it’s essential.” She voted for Obama in 2008 and was excited about the results. In a British interview said, ‘I am very excited. Hence, It was encouraging- the turnout, the passion, the extent to which people back in the states seemed to care and become engaged”.


Connelly has an interest in Mathematics and Software. She loves to go hiking, doing exercise, acting and listening music. In addition to it, she likes to read historical and adventurous books like ‘Ulysses,’ ‘Therese Requin’ and ‘The Beauty of the husband.’