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Katheryn Winnick religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

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Katheryn Winnick is a Canadian actress born on 17 December 1977 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is very popular for her epic role in ‘Amusement’ in 2008. Her debut film was ‘Biohazardous’, and her television debut was in ‘PSI Factors: Chronicles Of Paranormal.’ Katheryn does many famous roles in movies and television series like ‘Bones’ in 2009, ‘A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan all’ in 2012. She also stars in one of the most critically acknowledged television series ‘Vikings’ in 2013.

Katheryn Winnick religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

Entertainment Weekly declared that her character “Lagertha” considered the most exciting feminist character on Television. Winnick does many incredible movies such as, ‘Stand Up Guys,’ ‘Failure To Launch,’ ‘Love & Other Drugs,’ and ‘Killers.’ Winnick also stared in a comedy-drama film ‘Cold Souls.’ In 2013, she appeared in a comedy ‘The Art Of Steal.’ Kathryn also did a guest appearance in ‘CW’s spy serial named ‘Nikita.

Katheryn Winnick Awards And Achievements

Her portrayal of the fierce protect maiden has garnered her many spectacular nominations together with a nomination for a Critic’s alternative Award for Best Supporting histrion in a Drama Series, a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Performance by a Lead Dramatic actress (2014), Best Actress in a Drama Series by the Women’s Image Network in each 2014 & 2015 and a Golden Maple Award nomination for Best Actress in a TV Series. Additionally, to those prestigious nominations, Katheryn won the serendipity Film’s Award of Excellence at the Banff World Media festival in 2015. The luxury Swiss watch company Raymond Weil named her as their Brand Ambassador in 2015.

Katheryn Winnick Religion

Currently, we didn’t get to know about her religion as much. Winnick did not spoke much about her religious views in any of her older or latest interviews.

Katheryn Winnick Political Views

It seems that she has not so much interest in politics. She does not give her views about any political party, or maybe she might not be asked much about it. As soon as we get to know about her views, we will let you know then.

Katheryn Winnick Hobbies

She likes to use social media and spend some time on it. Winnick also likes hiking a lot mostly on long paths. She loves to explore natural places like forests and also likes to spend most of her time with nature. Katheryn likes traveling.

Dating Profile

She has only one rumored relationship with Nick Loeb in the past. Though Katheryn clarifies later that they were just good friends and nothing else. She does a seductive lesbian role in ‘Love and Other Drugs.’ Her acting skills were so good in it that people mistook her for being lesbian in real life.

Random Facts

Katheryn belongs to Ukrainian and Irish ethnicity. She loved Martial Arts and started taking the training at the age of seven. She got a third-degree belt in Taekwondo, also a second-degree black belt in Karate, licensed bodyguard, and owner of 3 martial arts school. Winnick can also speak Russian and Italian along with Ukrainian and English.