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Michelle Keegan religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

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Michelle Keegan is a British actress, fitness expert, and entrepreneur. She is known for playing Tina MacIntyre on Coronation Street (2008-2014) and Georgie Lane in Our Girl (2016-2018). She is best known for her appearances in soap operas. Very UK is working with her to release a line of activewear and loungewear for women.

Michelle Keegan religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

Michelle Keegan was born in Stockport, England, on June 3, 1987. She attended the Manchester School of Acting as soon as she was out of high school. While waiting for her big break, she worked in the customer service industry. She was a boarding agent at the Manchester Airport and a sales clerk at a high-end department store. She auditioned for soap opera Coronation Street in 2007. Her character started appearing on the show a year later. Her dramatic character made people take notice of her acting skills.


There are rumors saying Michelle Keegan joined the Church of Scientology. These are untrue. Michelle told the Daily Mirror that she doesn’t have religious views. She goes to some Scientology events to meet other influential people. She prefers to have a life without religion. A justice of the peace officiated her marriage in 2015.

Political Views

Michelle Keegan likes to keep her political views private. She thinks that her political views are personal. She will not talk to the press about politics. Her social media posts show some of her political views. She supports animal welfare, patriotism, and working women. Her favorite charities are Flying Start, Red Cross, and Mariposa Trust.

Dating Profile

Michelle Keegan married fellow British actor Mark Wright in 2015. He proposed to her in Dubai. Their relationship has stayed strong. Because he works in Los Angeles, they are often apart They do not have any children.

Michelle has stated that she likes tall, masculine, gentlemanly men, though she admits she doesn’t really have a type. She has previously dated actor Anthony Quinlan, model Brad Howard, and pop singer Max George. She was engaged to Max George, but she broke up with him because he had a drinking problem.


Michelle Keegan enjoys going to the gym. She trains regularly to stay fit. This also helps her play a Corporal in the army. Her pet dogs help to keep her on the move and help her relax at home. Makeup and fashion are fun for her. She is an avid cook and likes making healthy meals. She also enjoys history. Drunk History asked her to narrate an episode of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Interesting Facts

  • She won nine “Sexiest Female” awards between 2009 and 2013 for her soap opera work.
  • People have offered her reality TV gigs, but she has declined all of them. Reality TV is boring to her.
  • She is a history buff, especially about the Tudor period.
  • She has taken a brand sponsorship with Revlon cosmetics. Her favorite thing about their photoshoots is the buffet.
  • She is a big fan of country singer Celine Deon.
  • She has a little brother.