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Randy Couture religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

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Randy Couture is a retired mixed martial artist, an American actor, former collegiate, former United States Army Sergeant and Greco-Roman wrestler. During his career in UFC, he won the Heavyweight Championship three times and won the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship two times. He also became the UFC 13 Heavyweight Tournament Winner. He is the first UFC fighter to hold two UFC championship titles in two distinct divisions.

Randy Couture religion political views beliefs hobbies dating secrets

Couture is for the most part perceived as a secure and ground-and-pound UFC fighter who utilizes his wrestling capacity to execute take downs, set up a top position and progressively strike the adversary through the bottom. Couture has skills in catch wrestling and boxing and has submitted four rivals utilizing distinctive strangle holds. He is the main competitor in the UFC history to win a title after he became a Hall of Fame member.


Couture was beforehand married to Sharon, Tricia, and Kim Couture. He and Kim agreed on separation in 2009. He kept on instructing her and strengthened her MMA career. He lives in Las Vegas with his three kids. He is well interested in hunting.


Couture grew up in a Christian family, and he continues to follow his faith. He has a strong belief in God.

And turns out, a fighter in UFC who are following their religious values and have a strong faith in their Gods, have a successful career in UFC. Just an observation!


When it comes to his political views, some of his fans might not be happy to hear this. Yes, he’s a Trump supporter! The bewilderment of the statement is so evident, probably because half of America is not happy about the elected president. But Couture begs to differ. He believes that Trump knows the system pretty well and deserves the position he’s at.

He explained in  IHeartRadio,

“I feel that we have a pretty dang successful businessman, you know, people can criticize or say whatever they want, but he understands the system, taxes and everything else, and how business works”.

So it’s needless to say that Couture is a Republican.


Couture showed up on the season finale of the CBS film The Unit, as a military protect. He played the part of a fight commentator, Terry Flynn in the film Redbelt.

He starred alongside 50 Cent and Bruce Willis in the 2011 film, Setup, as an enforcer named Petey.