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Taylor Swift beliefs religion hobbies political views

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Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She is known for her works to base on her personal life, and of course, all of them were a hit. Moving to Tennessee from Pennsylvania, she was determined to make a mark in the country music industry and decided to pursue it as her career.

Taylor Swift beliefs religion hobbies political views

She released her debut album that was self-titled. It reached the top 5 list on the Billboard 200. It seemed to never leave the chart for a couple of years in the 2000s. She released her second album named Fearless, in the year 2008. The album rose up very high for the songs “Love Story” and ”You Belong With Me”.


In the town of Pennsylvania, Swift attended high schools and gradually realized her interest in music. She participated in not one but four Berks Youth Theatre Academy productions and frequently traveled to New York City for taking vocal and acting lessons. She was inspired by Shania Twain’s music and wanted to become a country music artist. And she decided to move to Pennsylvania to pursue her career.

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Taylor Swift is pretty much an active person, and you can often see her enjoy her life in various events. Her favorite hobby is cooking. She says she loves cooking because of her mother. She can also be seen waterskiing. She is fond of writing creatively, which certainly explains her profession as a songwriter. She too loves to travel a lot, and that is why she goes on many World Tours as part of her music career.


Taylor Swift is known to have a broad mindset. But by religion, she is definitely Christian. She has spent around $250,000 to promote several Christian schools. Many of her songs contain phrases that refer to the God she believes in. It is evident that she is one person who has a high command over the ethical values as well, apart from songs.


Taylor Swift tries to stay far away from politics. But it seems like it is inevitable for her. She declared herself as a Republican. But then she posted a contradictory statement,”Republicans do it better”. It is confusing as of now to determine if she is a Republican or not. But it is obvious that she loves Obama and his decisions, very much.


Apart from a successful career as a country-pop singer, she is also an active philanthropist. She has made herself involved in several awareness programmes and also donated a big amount to several other charitable organizations.


She once explained that if she had not pursued her career as a singer, she would have ventured into writing and becoming a novelist.

She is often seen praising her grandmother, saying how she was her inspiration. Well, her grandmother was a professional opera singer!